Hot Dogs for Hope Ministry


 Each Monday upwards of 20-30 dedicated volunteers join together to help over 250 of our friends on the streets in downtown Jacksonville, FL.  We provide regular meals, placement and assistance services, laundry  services, hygiene products, blankets, coats and other items to reach,  minister to and disciple people in need.  It is not our goal to meet all  of the complex needs of the homeless population, only to point them to  the ONLY one who can. We have been faithfully doing this Monday outreach  that we call "Hot Dogs for Hope Ministry" for since February 2016 each  and every week. 


I'm Mike Linkenauger, and this is my partner in both life and ministry Diane. We were both born and raised in the area and both have a deep passion for reaching the lost and broken. 

Though I'm not able to help people who are experiencing homelessness or addiction as a full time occupation like my awesome wife is, I do still consider myself to be in "Full Time Ministry"

I have been passionately serving the Lord for the last 10 years and have done missions work around the world, and led many ministries and groups locally that help and impact many lives.  I'm a full time Real Estate Broker and I LOVE to play Disc Golf. Me and my wife have four kids and both love to travel at any opportunity. 

We both have a challenging past that has prepared us and shaped us for the type of work and ministry God has called us into. Connect with us and we would love to share our inspiring stories with you! 

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